Your Room and How You Use It

Interior Designers call this "Needs Analysis and Development". That’s a fancy way of saying “How do you use the room?”. Prepare to get thoughtful, use this checklist to discover your requirements, and start planning your room.

1. What time of day will the room be used most?

2. How often will you use the room?

3. How will you use the room?


4. Who will use the room?

5. Your personal style.



6. What king of lighting?

7. What are my favorite colors?



8. Choose an inspiration. See “Create a Winning Color Design”.



9. Extra storage.

10. Describe the kind of accessories your fond of.

11. Mirrors



12. Describe the kind of art work your fond of.

13. Plants

14. Home Entertainment



15. Will your pets use the room?

16. Exposure to sunlight


17. Your budget list for any room.