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Color Palettes

Choosing complimentary colors for your room is a great way to get the feel you want to create.
Much of the advice you will find about colors is simply a matter of opinion.  Furnish Connection designers are just as opinionated as everyone else.  Our opinion is...why spend hours in the hardware store looking at paint chips!  You can choose a paint color without having to talk to a short bald guy in an orange apron (unless your husband's in the kitchen making pancakes!) by using this online tool.


Color is actually, if you can believe it, a dull subject.  There are theories, formulas, and numbering schemes involved.  Paint manufacturers call their color whatever they want to, so Summer Wheat from one store will be Autumn Bark in another.  If you are lucky, you can find a paint store that uses the Pantone® color system  to mix their paints.  If you can't find any locally, you will have to visit the websites of the different paint manufacturer's to browse their colors online.  If you find one, we have a great tool you can use.


ColorBlender.com has a neat tool (pictured below) to choose a complimentary color palette.  It is geared towards website designers to some extent, but has a neat feature where you can find the Pantone® number for your color.



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