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Pick an Honest Salesperson
 Choose a good furniture salesperson
you think every furniture salesperson only has their own interests in mind, you might be wrong. Is the salesperson who greets you at the door interested in you, or are they looking for a quick sale?  Read this article and know when and how to say "Get Lost!". ” 
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Please Don't Read the Warranty
 New Furniture Advice Articles
The subject of warranty certificates is one of my life’s passions.  I have quite a collection of them here in the metal filing cabinet next to my desk.  Haven’t read many, but one did come in handy when the dishwasher melted the linoleum.  So, when I say to you, “You should really know what the warranty is before you buy.",  I mean, ”Here’s some quick facts.” and “What to ask your salesperson while in the store.” 
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Grape Kool-Aid! Pizza! Chocolate! Wine! Once a stain sets, you're stuck with it.  Our author talks you through  cleaning codes, and methods to remove them forever.

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When ideas for different ways to arrange your living room are escaping you, our author 
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