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Common Color Mistakes
color wheel

Color mistakes are easy to fix. Just start over from scratch, do all of the work a second time, and rebuy everything you purchased. Or, if you prefer, read this to get it right from the start.
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Weekly Funny Furniture
Bad Table

Analyze Your Rooms Needs Too!
Analyze your rooms needs too.

Designers call it "Needs Analysis". That’s a fancy way of saying “How do you use the room?”. Prepare to get thoughtful, use this checklist to discover your requirements, and start planning your room.
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Pick an Honest Salesperson
Slick Salesperson

If you think every furniture salesperson only has their own interests in mind, you might be wrong. Is the salesperson who greets you at the door interested in you, or are they looking for a quick sale?  Read this article and know when and how to say "Get Lost!".
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Color Schemes
Color Wheel
Before you break out five gallons of basic white paint, take your room's feelings into consideration. A little heart to heart discussion will ensure a harmonious relationship through the years.  This article describes how designers begin to formulate the perfect color scheme.

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 What Matches What?
Match Styles
Many of you know what you like and have a gut feeling about what looks good. The key is to understand some of the basic rules and guidelines to a well designed room. Continue honing your skills by “educating your eye” when looking at magazines and catalogs, visiting furniture store, and surfing the web.
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  Please Don't Read the Warranty
 New Advice

Furniture warranties range from lifetime to "Out the door...out of warranty.". Here's the facts on your furniture or mattress warranty, and what to ask while in the store.
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